Steinbeck Resources and Research


This exhibit serves as a directory for external Steinbeck-related academic resources.

Steinbeck and Oklahoma


John Steinbeck'sThe Grapes of Wrathcreated enormous controversy in Oklahoma in the months following its publication in April 1939. Oklahoman politicians,...

Steinbeck's Travels

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Travels with Charleyin Search of America(1962) is Steinbeck’s most popular piece of travel writing, but the author also collaborated with...

Steinbeck and War


Steinbeck wrote about more than the Great Depression. This section explores his time as a war correspondent as well as...

Steinbeck on Stage and Screen


The list of Steinbeck’s works adapted for stage and screen is quite remarkable. His novella Of Mice and Men (1937)...

East of Eden


By exploring key themes and characters, our website provides a comprehensive analysis of John Steinbecks's 1952 novel East of Eden.